Deepi’s relationship with fitness & nutrition has been a lifelong love affair. Deepi has been an athlete her entire life, participating in a vast multitude of different sports and athletic activities, even from an early age.  A devout & unwavering long distance runner, Deepi also enjoys the challenge of regular yoga and pilates sessions to maintain a constantly varied and evolving workout routine.

With a seemingly endless supply of enthusiasm and a relentless attitude when faced with any challenge, it’s really no surprise that Deepi’s passion & dedication to health and fitness would swiftly parlay into a Pilates teaching certification under Gabrielle Walters, the creator of Inferno Hot Pilates, Las Vegas soon thereafter. Her best piece of advice for all levels of students on their personal health & fitness journey is the same; be positive, patient and persistent.

Deepi’s laser focus and energetic intensity while teaching Pilates has seen her rapidly accumulate a loyal group of regular students. Her unique sense of timing through the traditional hot pilates sequences paired with an eclectic, energetic range of music, personally curated by Deepi herself for each class, add up to a no-holds-barred mind, body, and cardio party that can really only be summed up one way: electric!

You will leave Deepi’s class feeling inspired, renewed, and energized from the inside out.

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