TBT: SJSU Community Nutrition Volunteer Project 2012

Always nice to reflect back on the people and experiences that helped shape who you are today. This post is dedicated to one of the most impactful and influential nutrition professionals here in the Bay Area (in my opinion): Dr. Marjorie Freedman. Cannot believe this was 5 years ago. Thank you for all that you do and continue to do.

Outcome/Goals: Increased awareness, access, and enrollment in those individuals that qualified for SNAP and other programs to fight food insecurity. Project aligned with Michelle Obama’s Nationwide fight against Obesity and the Let’s Move Initiative.



Mindfulness is a big buzz word right now, but what does it mean? How can it be applied? Mindfulness is the process of being acutely aware of your actions and thoughts. Since I primarily use this topic as a starting point for clients with weight loss goals, I will use this as an example. If your goal is weightloss the act of practicing mindfulness is simply this: before you place any food item on your palate (in your mouth lol) ask yourself am I hungry? Why am I eating this? Is there a more nutritious food I can add or replace with this with? Pretty soon the small changes you make will turn into big results. Practice mindfulness in all you do- before you speak, before you act, before you think- and most importantly before you eat.

Throw the Yolk or Keep? Banishing the Never-ending Egg Myth

“I thought they said only 3 whole eggs per week?” Say my clients everytime we get into the topic of eggs. Many of them that have tossed these lovely oval gems for something more “healthy” or low-fat like oatmeal with fruit- which I won’t deconstruct in this post, but will revisit in a future post. Back to eggs- Yes, the recommendation for eggs per day has changed, yet again. Nutrition is a relatively young science and recommendations will continue to change as new research will show. Which is great for us self-proclaimed “forever students” but very (for lack of a better word) annoying for our general consumers. Here is the back story and the current recommendation: Continue reading “Throw the Yolk or Keep? Banishing the Never-ending Egg Myth”

Baking and Roasting Vegetables for the week

Regardless of cooking method (broiling, sautéing, roasting). The following principals should be applied:

  1. Veggies should be cut in uniform shapes and size to promote even cooking method and an aesthetically appealing product
  2. Cook veggies for the shortest time possible to preserve texture, color , and nutrients.
  3. Cook veggies right before serving or as close to meal time as possible.
  • Add an acid such as lemon or white wine vinegar to white(cauliflower) and red veggies (tomatoes and red bell peppers) to preserve pigment.

The terms roasting and baking are used interchangeably Continue reading “Baking and Roasting Vegetables for the week”