Deepi Mann is devoted to helping others discover the direct correlation between balance, harmony and a healthy mind and body.  She hopes to motivate people to become healthy, fit and confident by being an example of making your health a priority while still living a fun balanced life! A multi-faceted health and wellness powerhouse, Deepi’s relationship with fitness and nutrition has been a lifelong love affair. After studying nutrition and dietetics at San Jose State University and San Diego State University, Deepi spent extensive time volunteering at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center and interning as a clinical inpatient and outpatient nutrition and health educator at Kaiser Hospital in Santa Clara, and Choices for Children in San Jose. She completed the American Dietetic Association Registered Dietetic program earning her credential as a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist along the way. Although she absolutely loves the science and clinical aspect of her profession, through her experience she has realized that the most impactful way to improve her patients’ lives and health status is by applying a more involved and integrative approach. Although lab values are necessary, an individual’s health status and treatment plan should be assessed and include an integrative and multidisciplinary approach termed The Whole Body Approach.

Balance is the key: She believes optimal health and wellness should be approached by looking at the individual’s whole body: mind, body, and soul. Well-being is the balance and union of these three things. ↠

Her philosophy is simple; treat your mind, body, and soul like it belongs to someone you love. Deepi credits a strong, healthy mind and body as well as a life jam-packed with love and happiness as her primary means of overcoming any obstacles life may throw her way. Deepi believes that strong people empower others. She thrives on helping those around her realize just how strong they can be by pushing beyond their perceived limits and outside of their normal comfort zones. Her advice for all levels of students on their personal health and fitness journey is the same; be positive, patient and persistent. The only way to establish a strong mind-body relationship is to make your health a priority, lead a fun, balanced lifestyle and never, under any circumstances, EVER give up.

In her free time, she can be found with her family which entails running around with her son and “mini-me” who very much like his Mom enjoys traveling, eating margarita pizzas as well as burritos (with veggies!), playing sports, and generally anything active and/or outdoors.