Portion Control

Portion Control and Calorie Dense Foods: What does that mean!!??? Simply this: Caloric density is also known as the amount of energy or calories in food item per unit of measurement (pound, ounce, grams etc).

For Example: One pound of spinach = 100 calories VS One pound of almonds = 2600 calories . Almonds are calorie dense, and spinach is not. Another calorie dense food is avocado. One pound of avocado has 700 calories. I know there’s a big push to forgo calorie counting, please don’t do this until you have the basics down. When you are trying to lose weight you must increase foods that increase bulk without all the calories (vegetables). You can’t lose weight if you are not in a caloric deficit state- it is science. Exercise portion control when eating calorie dense foods, whether they are healthy or unhealthy. Buy a food scale, aside from a Tupperware set- it may be the best investment you make. For more nutrition tidbits follow me on my Wellness and Nutrition Instagram.

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