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Deepi Mann is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) & certified Pilates instructor living in Silicon Valley. A multi-faceted health & wellness powerhouse, she is devoted to helping others discover the direct correlation between balance, harmony & a healthy mind & body.  She believes nutrition is only one aspect of the equation to one’s path to optimal health, fitness, & well-being. She has developed a unique approach to improving her client’s nutritional habits- known as the whole-body approach. She hopes to motivate people to become healthy, fit & confident by being an example of making your health a priority while still living a fun balanced life!

Her philosophy is quite simple; treat your mind, body, and soul like it belongs to someone you love. Deepi credits a strong, healthy mind and body as well as a life jam-packed with love & happiness as her primary means of overcoming any obstacles life may throw her way. Deepi believes that strong people empower others. Her favorite piece of advice for all individuals on their personal health or fitness journey is the same; be positive, patient & persistent. The only way to establish a strong mind-body relationship is to make your health a priority, lead a fun, balanced lifestyle & never, under any circumstances, EVER give up.


  • When I started traveling more frequently for work, my diet and exercise routine were adversely affected. I always maintained what I thought was a semblance of a balanced diet and tried to make it to the gym at least a few times a week, however, as I spent more time in airport lounges and hotel lobbies I found that the opportunity to make good nutritional choices was limited. Or so I thought. One of the most important lessons I’ve taken away from Deepi is that location, availability, travel complications, none of these things dictate your ability to be mindful of how you are treating your body. With so much mis-information in the media, Deepi was able to sit me down and explain the science behind everything and really put the information into terms which I could not just digest but which were applicable to my sometimes hectic/busy lifestyle.

    Adam M, Consultant at Deloitte

  • “No one out there like Deepi. She is one of the main people who inspired me to become a yoga teacher. She always has THE BEST music. Thank you for inspiring me!” -Anthea W.

    Anthea, Yoga Instructor @ Core Power

  • “I am forever grateful that I stumbled upon Deepi’s Hot Pilates class because her words and workouts have inspired me to live a healthy lifestyle! Deepi would always say, “Do something healthy for yourself because you are no good to anyone around you, if you are not healthy!” These words have motivated me to make healthier choices with my workouts, diet, and lifestyle! Deepi is an amazing person who will help you transform your life into becoming healthier and happier!” -Diana, Owner of Namaste Fit

    Diana, Owner of Namaste Fit